The new team behind Marketenderiet


The new team behind Marketenderiet

Even though we’re the new Marketenderiet team on the block we’ve been around the block many times as organizers. Over the past 15 years we’ve built one of the largest event agencies in the country, Nordic Event, renting countless venues and locations in Copenhagen. And if there’s one thing we’ve always wished for it is more flexibility.

That’s why we decided to take over Marketenderiet and create a venue that puts the organizer in control.

At Marketenderiet you can get exactly what you want – whether you’re only searching for the perfect venue and want to bring everything else yourself or you want us to handle the entire event.

Our companies are part of Nordic Solutions A/S. In addition to Marketenderiet and Nordic event Nordic Solutions A/S owns the catering company Nordic Catering, After Work Arrangements which specializes in smaller company events and the web agency Siteworks which is the company behind our online event registration and management system where guests can submit their registrations for larger events.